Seawind is a jazz fusion group from Hawaii, fronted by the vocals of Grammy-winning singer Pauline Wilson. The band rose to prominence in the mid-1970s.

Seawind reunited in 2005 for a Los Angeles concert performance and then began work on a new album, which ultimately took three years to complete. Seawind’s 2009 CD “Reunion” was released initially via Sony Japan, and then domestically with an improved mix.

The group pioneered many of the musical elements that, years later, became the beginnings of “smooth jazz”. Seawind is regarded as one of the top jazz groups to come from Hawaii and vocalist Pauline Wilson, from the small Big Island village of Hakalau, is the first vocalist from Hawaii to win a Grammy award. Although not primarily marketed as a Christian band, many of their songs’ lyrics have a religious and/or uplifting theme.

A notable part of the band’s sound is the “Seawind Horns” — trumpeter Jerry Hey, sax and flute player Kim Hutchcroft, and sax, flute and keyboard player Larry Williams. Seawind is known for their extraordinary musicianship, brilliant songwriting and creative arranging.

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Seawind Albums

Seawind (self-titled)     1976
Seawind’s debut album. The song The Devil Is a Liar earned the group a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Arrangement Accompanying a Vocalist and caused the whole music industry to take notice of Seawind and the Seawind Horns.       

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    We Got A Way
You Gotta Be Willin’ To Lose (Part II)
He Loves You
The Devil Is A Liar
A Love Song / Seawind
Make Up Your Mind
Praise (Part I)
Roadways (Parts I & II)
Can’t Wait Bonus Track on 2009 Japan CD
Please Say Yes Bonus Track on 2009 Japan CD

Window of a Child     1977
With Seawind’s second album, the group’s popularity continued to grow and they were voted Best New Jazz Group of 1977 by Record World Magazine. Seawind toured the country on their own getting rave reviews in New York, Philadelphia, Wash. D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and of course, Hawaii! (Please don’t ask us about the fish on the cover! Let’s just put it this way – it was one of a million other things that led to us suing CTI and leaving the label!)       

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    One Sweet Night
Wings Of Love
Do Listen To
Campanas De Invierno (Bells Of Winter)
Window Of A Child
Angel Of Mercy
Lovin’ You
Countin’ The Days
Take Me In Love Bonus Track on 2009 Japan CD
Heaven In Your Eyes Bonus Track on 2009 Japan CD

Light The Light     1979
Seawind’s third album gave birth to Seawind’s signature tune, Bob Wilson’s Follow Your Road. Produced by Tommy Lipuma and engineered by Al Schmitt, “Light the Light” won many new Seawind fans and the group performed before thousands as the opening act for the multi-platinum George Benson and Boz Scaggs. The same year, Seawind’s Pauline sang a duet with George Benson on the Grammy Award winning album “In Harmony”, and Seawind and George Benson co-headlined the now-legendary 1979 Hawaiian Islands Tour!     Hold On To Love
Sound Rainbow
Follow Your Road
Light The Light
Morning Star
Enchanted Dance

Seawind     1980
Produced by George Duke and engineered by Erik Zobler, the fourth album became the peak of Seawind’s success and recognition. A&M also produced a video of the song What Cha Doin’, which helped it become a top 10 hit, and Seawind was now on both the jazz and R&B charts of the major trades. The group tours Japan for a second time, performs in Manila, Philippines and stops in Hawaii for their annual home coming tour, performing on Kauai, The Big Island and Oahu.     What Cha Doin’
The Two Of Us
Love Him, Love Her
Everything Needs Love
Still In Love
Pra Vosé
I Need Your Love
Long, Long Time

Remember     1995
In 1995, thirteen years after dissolving, Seawind granted permission to Noteworthy Records to release five never-before-heard tracks recorded in the early 1980s. This peek at what could have been Seawind’s fifth album is accompanied by favorite songs from the first and second albums.     He Loves You
Devil Is A Liar
Lovin’ You
We Got A Way
Window Of A Child
You Got To Be Willin’ To Lose
A Love Song/Seawind
Angel Of Mercy
Campanas De Invierno
Can’t Wait
Please Say Yes
Dream On
Take Me In Love
Heaven In Your Eyes


Recent Seawind-related Albums

Beautiful Struggle (Larry Williams & Friends)     2001
Larry Williams & Friends’ album “Beautiful Struggle” was released by Sony Japan on high fidelity SACD (Super Audio CD) with a major promo push and in-store display. Among the friends are Grammy-winning vocalist Pauline Wilson (Seawind’s lead singer) on several tunes, and Al Jarreau. The album immediately became a collectors item due to the limited production runs of SACDs. Recorded with Sony’s “1-bit” DSD (Direct Stream Digital) technology. Available on Apple Music     Neferrtti In Blue & Green
Soul Eyes
Beautiful Struggle
Inner Urge
Love Lost
Calling You
Round Midnight
Straight No Chaser

Tribute (Pauline Wilson)     2001
Synthesizer and alto flute performed by Larry Williams, who also composed the string, flute, and horn arrangements.     Rio De Janeiro Blue
Good Morning Heartache
Never Let Me Go
Sentimental Mood
When I Fall In Love
Nearness Of You
I Want To Be Around
Someone To Watch Over Me

Somebody Loves You (Bob & Pauline Wilson)     1981
The then-husband-and-wife duo of Bob & Pauline Wilson, both of Seawind, released a gospel/jazz album in 1981 on Myrrh Records. Pauline Wilson on lead vocals, Bob Wilson on drums & percussion, Ken Wild on bass, Bud Nuanez and Kevin Clark on guitar, Larry Williams on keyboards and Paulinho Da Costa on percussion. On horns are Larry Williams, Kim Hutchcroft, Jerry Hey and Bill Reichenbach.     I’ll Keep My Eyes On Jesus
With Love In Your Eyes
Joyful Melody
Vision Power And Glory
You Can’t Hide
Somebody Loves You
Lullabye Of Love
In the Spirit
Jesus Is My Lord

Summer Nights (Marlene with Seawind)     1982
Most of the Seawind group appears on this soulful collaboration between Filipina singer Marlene de la Pena and Seawind. Summer Nights was recorded in Los Angeles in May 1982. The album features Bob Wilson on drums and percussion, Larry Williams on acoustic piano, Rhodes piano, mini-Moog and Prophet 5 synths, Bud Nuanez on guitar, Ken Wild on bass, Kim Hutchcroft on alto saxophone and tenor saxophone.     Summer Nights
I Could Dance Tonight
Semi-Forgotten Movie
Good Enough For You
A Love Too Strong
Just Say I Love You
Let Yourself Go
My Song

Intuituion (Pauline Wilson)     1994
Solo album by Seawind’s Pauline Wilson, including a new recording of Follow Your Road. Larry Williams on sax.     Walking My Way To You
The Love Lives On
Follow Your Road
Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right
One Chance
Back Again, Back In Love
Deeper and Deeper
Mysterious/Colors of the Wind

Only You (Pauline Wilson)     1997
An expanded version of Pauline Wilson’s solo album, with a pair of additional songs at the start and another pair at the end. Larry Williams on sax.     Only You
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Walking My Way To You
The Love Lives On
Follow Your Road
Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right
One Chance
Back Again, Back In Love
Deeper And Deeper
Mysterious / Colors Of The Wind
Last Christmas
Only You (Like A Chapel Version)